Our Mission:

Be proud.

Raising Rainbows is an initiative of the ChillOut Festival to empower young LGBTIQ youth in regional Victoria and be proud of who they are and feel safe in their community. We aim to raise awareness, educate communities and ultimately, reduce the instances of LGBTIW related bullying in regional schools and communities.

80% of bullying of LGBTIQ youth occurs at school.

A ChillOut Daylesford initiative


Our story

The Raising Rainbows story begins at an inaugural regional IDAHOBIT* flag- raising in May 2018, which was attended by many community members and a number of the local young people from the Secondary College’s Pride and Diversity Group. The flag-raising ceremony was heart-warming and affirming and inspired the secondary students to hoist the Rainbow flag at school on their return, to mark this auspicious day in the LGBTIQ+ calendar. Unfortunately, this did not go well, the young people were heckled, abused and left reeling from the experience. Fortunately, however someone did notice the negative response and a plan was hatched to support these diverse young people to fly the Rainbow flag 365 days a year!

ChillOut got wind of the hurt and disappointment and consequently offered to fund a flagpole and coordinate its installation on behalf of the Secondary College Pride and Diversity Group, and we are pleased to say the Secondary College Rainbow flag was officially raised on Wear It Purple Day, 31 August 2018. Those of us who were present during this flag raising, walked away with a sense of satisfaction and pride that these young people knew ChillOut had their backs, and that they would now be able to look to the sky each and every day and relish in the rainbow flying high for them.

From here on in, it is ChillOut’s firm commitment to fund as many flagpoles and rainbow flags as required by regional schools, community groups and non-government not-for-profits. Let the Rainbows fly!

ChillOut will be hosting the first major fundraiser during the upcoming ChillOut Festival on Thursday 7 March to raise money for this initiative.



I've never seen a rainbow flag at a school. It really does seal the deal and it shows everyone who comes past the school that they really do support those students.

Year 12 Student, Olivia Hocking - ABC News / Read Full Article



Get Involved

If you are in a regional Victorian school, community group or not-for-profit and would like to apply for a rainbow flag to be installed, you can apply via the link below. You can also contact us to keep you informed of any volunteer opportunities available in working with the Raising Rainbows initiative and/or with the ChillOut Festival organisation.
This is a ChillOut Festival initiative and as such, we rely heavily on donations to be able to achieve our goals and run both this program along with our annual festival held in Daylesford, Victoria. You can donate to the ChillOut Festival, and to our Raising Rainbows initiative by following the link below.



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